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In Arizona, perhaps more than anywhere else in the country, the hot and dry summers are brutal to your vehicle.

Belts, hoses, tires, brakes, air conditioning systems, rubber and plastic tubing, radiators and coolant level, and other parts all need special attention during our extreme weather in the Arizona desert summers. These parts take a beating each and every summer, and have the potential to leave you stranded in the summer heat... but that is entirely preventable!

These parts are designed to be replaced when worn out. Here in Arizona, we need to be especially mindful of those parts that wear out faster than they would in milder climates. We have decades of experience with the hot and dry summers here in the Phoenix area, and we know what things to look for in your maintenance visits. We offer all kinds of preventative maintenance:

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Each vehicle manufacturer has their own recommended maintenance schedules, and some are even specific to a particular model they make. We are able to provide you with their recommended maintenance schedule, and make suggestions on those items that may need more frequent attention in the hot and dry Arizona climate. Check below for info.

Fill in the form below to see the Manufacturer's Recommended Maintenance Schedule plus any available Recall or Technical Service Bulletin Information for your vehicle.
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Car Care Video


Preventative Maintenance (2:16)

Learn which items are checked during routine maintenance, inspections, and how your driving habits affect your maintenance schedule. Many Arizonans should be following their "severe schedule", watch this short video to find out why.

Check Your Belts (1:09)

Your belts are vital to the proper operation of your engine, as well as accessories driven by them. Arizona summers cause belts to dry and crack sooner than in most climates around the country. It's critical to check belts regularly to ensure they're good.

Air Conditioning & Heat (1:36)

The air conditioning in your vehicle is a critical system here in the Arizona summer heat. Want to learn more about how your Heat or AC system works in your vehicle? This video provides a short overview of your car's air conditioning and heating systems.

Check Your Tires (1:27)

Your vehicle's tires are the only parts that keep you in contact with the road below you. You already know that you need to check your tire pressure regularly, but what else should you be looking for? Watch this short video to see what you should be looking for.

On Time Guarantee

We've got decades of combined experience. If we say your vehicle will be done at a particular time, we mean it.

Having done just about every repair possible, on just about every model there is, we have an excellent knowledge of how much time specific repairs take. If we say your vehicle will be ready at a certain time, it will be. We guarantee it.

The technology we utilize is the best available in the industry. When we schedule your service, we are able to determine just how long a particular repair, or combination of repairs (or maintenance tasks) will take our mechanics and technicians. No more of this "we'll call you" nonsense.

For collision repair, it can be a little more difficult to predict when the repair will be complete. This is typically due to damage that is not evident at the time of the collision repair estimate. In these rare cases, we ensure that the customer, and insurance company if applicable, are aware of the discovered damages, and any additional time we anticipate the repair will require. Your collision contact representitive will provide you with milestone updates throughout the estimate and repair process, ensuring your peace of mind.